Haya Novel By Fakhra Waheed

Haya is the debut novel of Fakhra Waheed. Fakhra Waheed is a young novelist. She studied business from National college of business administration and economics. She is on Facebook as Fakhra Waheed and also runs a Facebook page named Diary’s whispering.

Fakhra Waheed is an emerging Urdu novelist. She is famous social media writer who started her career with Haya novel, which she wrote in 2019. This novel earned her prestige and fame owing to her versatile writing skills. She writes about the social issues prevailing in the society and presents practical solution to those problems. Infact, the characters of Haya novel are near to reality owing to the fact that they are going through the struggles of life in such a way to which we all can relate.

Theme of novel Haya

Haya novel by Fakhra Waheed is an interesting novel, full of comedy, thrill, and suspense. Novel Haya highlights the family values, family bonding and friendship bonds between different characters of the novel. Haya novel is in Urdu language. It surrounds around a police officer, Hamza, who lost his family while serving the police department. Then, Haya novel is the story of female lead ‘Haya’. Hamza meets Haya during a police encounter and saves her life. Readers from all over the world read and appreciated the Urdu novel Haya by Fakhra Waheed. Sherry is one of the funniest character of novel Haya as he makes readers laugh at every occasion. For years, Haya novel kept its audience in an awe. Readers flooded the writer’s socia media with positive comments on novel Haya.

Haya is a fiction based on the life of a police officer, Hamza. This novel highlights several social issues in a very interesting way. Family bonding, humour, love and romance are few important elements of this novel. It’s characters always show up for each other, which encourages the reader’s to show up for their own family members. Most of the characters of the novel don’t have any blood relationship with each other but still they look for each other. They are bonded by the relationship of love and humanity. 

Characters of the Haya novel

Every character of this novel, Haya by Fakhra Waheed, is destined to bring a change in the reader’s life. Every character is carefully crafted. One of the most appreciated aspect of the novel is in it’s close to reality approach. It’s far from fantasy.

Main lead 

The male lead of the novel Haya by Fakhra Waheed, Hamza, is a police officer who lost his family while serving the police department and now blames himself for these deaths. He is struggling to forgive himself. However, the female lead, Haya, is on a journey of self recognition. Her desire to recognize the purpose of her life not only transforms her own life but she also helps Hamza in forgiving himself and in recognizing that he is born to serve police department. Fakhra Waheed, through her novel Haya has inspired readers to recognize themselves. She encouraged them to live a purposeful life and inspired them to pursue their passion.

Supporting Characters

Then, comes everybody’s most favourite character of Haya novel, Sherry. He is funny and gives fits of laughter to his readers. Unfortunately, this most entertaining character of the Haya novel struggles to breath amidst the smoke of drug addiction. Readers of the novel appreciated his character for his good sense of humor. Hamza has a very unique and close relationship with sherry. In the whole novel, Haya by Fakhra Waheed, every character likes and care for Sherry. Hence, seeing him struggle was painful for the characters as well as for the readers of the Haya novel.

 Another famous and most appreciated character of Haya novel, written by Fakhra Waheed is Dr. Haroon. He is a philanthropist. He has the magic of words. His words if, on one hand, impacts the lives of the characters of the novel then on the other hand, readers find his words helpful in their own lives.

Other characters of novel Haya by Fakhra Waheed include Ali, Hamza’s best friend, Fareeha, Ali’s wife, Smaya, Anaya, Sherwan, Zoyan and Rudaba. Every character is carefully crafted with an aim to bring a positive change in people’s life.

Reviews about Haya Novel

Fakhra Waheed, the writer of Haya novel, deserves the love and support of her readers. Haya changed hundreds of lives, if not thousands. People came back towards life. They owned themselves. They owned their mistakes and learnt to forgave themselves. Wish a best of luck to Fakhra Waheed for her future projects. Let’s see what readers say about Haya novel. One of the great achievement of Haya is to save the lives of the people who were at the verge of suicide. Moreover, Qasim Ali Shah, the renowned motivational speaker and author also praised Fakhra Waheed for her captivating Haya novel. 


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